Yellow Curry Coco

Don't know what to cook tonight, with a boiling Brouillon on the stove you're almost there! Check out our recipes and get inspired.
Now, 'Shrimp Balls' might sound a bit odd, but when you think about it, minced meat is also just, well, minced meat. A beefsteak cut into pieces. It's even less odd when you know that you can get these delicious balls on every corner in Asia.

Shrimp balls curry

Meat balls, but made with shrimps. Very famous in Asia and too delicious not to try.

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Summer mussels

Mussels as appetizer, sound delish no?

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Marinated chicken laksa

Believe me, you should try this sweet soft chicken!

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Indian dahl with sweet potato

The ones who know dahl are in love. It's so easy and heartwarming every time. I've dying to make it with Yellow Curry Coco and it's a match! A healthier version because there is way less coconut milk in it.

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Stew with salmon, fennel and quinoa

Based on a recipe of Sofie Dumont, one of my heroes!

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Simple chicken curry

Easy curry with chicken.

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