Italian Tomato

Don't know what to cook tonight, with a boiling Brouillon on the stove you're almost there! Check out our recipes and get inspired.

Healthy Bolognese Soup

My absolute favourite dish in a soup! Definitely a healthier version because you don't need that much pasta.

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Mexican 10' soup

Feeling Mexican tonight? This quick dinner is very fulfilling and super tasty if you ask me.

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You need just a few ingredients and it can be made with leftovers, like old bread of small pieces of cheese you have left in your fridge. Beans, Tomato, garlic, bread, onion. Easy meal soup

White bean soup with cheese toast

Cheesy but true: you and your hot date will love this.

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Ottolenghi's chick peas pasta made Italian

Middle Eastern's favourite chef Ottolenghi got featured on Brouillon's website!

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Cold tomato soup with pan con tomato

These warm evenings deserve a cold tomato soup like refreshing gazpacho or this more fulfilling cold tomato broth.

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Middle Eastern red lentil soup with dates

Quite new flavours are coming your way since most of us are not that used to classic Middle Eastern food.

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Tortellini soup with minced meat and spinach

Good soup, good movie, candles and ready for the night.

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Pearl couscous with sweet potato

Recipe for when you have pumpkin or sweet potato leftovers!

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