Stew with salmon, fennel and quinoa

Based on a recipe of Sofie Dumont, one of my cooking heroes: she has such a je m'en fous, friendly attitude. 


- Yellow Curry Coco broth
- 300g salmon filet
- 75g spinach
- 1/3 of a fennel
- 150g quinoa
- Toppings: dill


Boil some water to cook your quinoa in. Cook them according to the packaging. 

Cut the fennel into small long pieces. Fry them in a pan on medium heat during about 6 minutes. Make sure they are light brown when finished. Then add the spinach. After 2 minutes, add Brouillon. 

Cut the salmon into small pieces of 2x3cm. Add the salmon to the pan and put the lid on. Let cook for about 4 minutes (not much longer or the salmon will be too far!). 

Serve with some dill on top.

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