Our Story

Since a very long time, I've been on the hunt for the latest food trends. When C-19 hit the planet and we were forced to stay in, that's when the real experimenting began: after 34 failures, I managed to master sourdough bread, I made fresh spring rolls, but most of all I tried different kind of broths that simmered on the stove during hours when having calls with my colleagues.

I was so convinced of this new type of comfort food and wanted other people to discover this too. Since I knew not everyone wanted to have a pot boiling broth in their kitchen during several hours a day, I started looking for these ready-to-use broths in the retail, but could not find a satisfactory answer. 

So the idea is to make ready-to-use broths that form the starter for a meal soup like curry or ramen soups, those have been very popular in Asia and now finding their way to Europe as well. 

After 1 year of developing and testing a lot, beginning of 2022 Brouillon was launched. 
I'm very curious where this journey will bring us.
Thanks for being part of our story.