Migi's miso ramen soup with crispy & spicy pork

My man’s favorite: For this recipe we are adding sweet, salty and spicy pork to our Miso Mushroom Brouillon. This meaty taste will be complemented with tangy mushrooms, runny eggs and spring onions. Happy slurpin'!


- Miso Mushroom Broth
- 100g wheat based noodles (or soba noodles work as well)
- 150g ground pork
- 120g oyster mushrooms
- 1/2 tea spoon Sambal Oelek 
- 2 fresh eggs
- Hoisin Sauce (If you don't have it yet in your pantry, buy it! It's the Asian equivalent of Ketchup, it is very versatile and super delicious)
- Toppings: Spring onion
- Sesame oil for frying


  • Swap out the pork for ground turkey or chicken. 
  • If you can’t find Oyster mushroom use Shiitake or Portobello
  • If you don't have Hoisin Sauce, you can use soy sauce plus a little bit of brown sugar. 
  • Any type of spicy condiment will work in place of samba oelek – sriracha, gochujang, etc. 

Miso Pork broth


Cook some water for the eggs and cook them runny in 6-7 minutes. Place in a bowl with icecubes to easily remove the peel.

Cook some water for the noodles and cook them according the packaging. Make sure to stir from time to time. 

Fry the oyster mushrooms in some sesame oil on a high level. 

Fry your Ground pork (until brown and crispy) and combine with the Hoisin Sauce to make it Salty/sweet and give it an all round Umami taste. Add the Sambal Oelek to make it spicy.

Heat Brouillon until freakish hot. Place the noodles in a bowl, add Brouillon, the mushroom and the pork and finish with the spring onions and some extra Sambal Oelek (optional). 

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