Miso Mushroom

Don't know what to cook tonight, with a boiling Brouillon on the stove you're almost there! Check out our recipes and get inspired.

Misosoep met beukenzwam, noedels en mangetouts

Een basis ramensoep dat je zeker eens moet proberen!

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Spicy sambal pork ramen

The spicy pork is really a whole taste on its own, you should definitely try out sometime. Poured over with our Miso Mushroom, yummy!

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Miso Mushroom with home made dim sums

Honestly, the hardest part is to find the patties for the dim sums in an Asian restaurant, but the recipe is very easy and delicious as a light lunch.

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Pork belly in miso soup

Quite easy to do ... if you have the time!

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For this recipe we are adding sweet, salty and spicy pork to our Miso Mushroom Brouillon. This meaty taste will be complemented with tangy mushrooms, runny eggs and spring onions. Happy slurpin'! Easy healthy Ramen soup.

Miso Ramen soup with spicy pork

For this one we are adding a bit of spicyness with the crispy pork.

Let's spice things up

Ramen soup for the broccoli lovers

Apparently a lot of people see broccoli as one of their enemies in their life, so this one if one for the lovers!

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Ramen soup with mushrooms and peas

This one is the comforting one, I swear.

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Ramen soup with grilled brussels sprouts

Since we live in Brussels, I had to do something with Brussels sprouts. Sprout to be Brussels!

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