FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Why Brouillon ?

The name stands for ‘trying out something, a draft’ in French, we want our customers to try something new with our products with the ingredients they have readily available in their fridge.

It also stands for BRussels (where we are based) and Bouillon meaning broth in French.

Is Brouillon healthy?

Brouillon is based on healthy recipes as if they would be created in a home kitchen. They are low in salt, fats and calories.

Eating broth is a healthy way to eat a lot of nutrients without being hard to digest. A benefit of eating a meal soup is also that you will not eat portions that are too big as you are quickly full.

Is Brouillon spicy ?

As not everyone likes spicy food we choose to have a rather neutral taste in our different broths. If you like spicy broth feel free to add spicy sauce of your liking.

Is Brouilllon BIO ?

Although a lot of the ingredients of Brouillon are organic (just because for some ingredients that gives the best quality), we are currently not BIO certified, we will be looking into this further in the coming months if it is desirable or feasible to become BIO.

Where is Brouillon produced?

Brouillon is produced in a small production factory called Belfond, situated close to Ghent (BE), where they make all sorts of broths. We chose that producer because they work very much tailor-made, which means no day looks the same for them, which also means no batch of Brouillon will be 100% the same.

How long can I store Brouillon?

The broth is made of all natural ingredients, so they do not contain any ingredient you don’t understand, let’s say artificial preservatives (E-numbers). The broths have been sterilized and can be conserved for 2 years.

Should Brouillon be conserved in the fridge?

No! They are sterilized, which means they can be put at room temperature.

The lid is protected by a popping system: press on the center of the lid - if it doesn't move, the jar is sealed (which normally it should be of course!).

How long can the product be conserved after opening ?

After opening, your Brouillon should be put in the fridge and be consumed within 3 days.

Can I boil my pasta/noodles or rice in the broth?

It is advised to cook the condiments separately - as they do also in Asian countries -, unless it is a very short cooking time (max 3 minutes). If you do cook it in your broth, know that part of your Brouillon will evaporate - less Brouillon visible, but on the other side, your pasta/noodles will have a very good taste!

I am a vegetarian, which broths are vegetarian ?

Currently two of the three broths are vegetarian: The Miso Mushroom and the Italian Tomato. Not an easy choice to make, because most of the broths we know are made with meat (bones) and as you all know meat gives flavors we have known and liked for a very long time (ex. Most of the tomato soups we know are made with beef stock). But we also know our beloved planet cannot take this any longer, so therefor we choice to have a majority of vegetarian broths.

Delivery and orders

Where can I buy Brouillon?

You can buy Brouillon online - pay attention today we only deliver in West Flanders, East Flanders, Flemish Brabant and Brussels.

You can find our stores at the store locator page.

Help, Brouillon is not being delivered to my home address?

We are currently not delivering all over Belgium. Please let us know via e-mail (info@brouillon.be) if you want to buy some Brouillon outside the current areas. 

How will the product be shipped?

If you choose the delivery option, we will ship your Brouillon ourselves. It does however mean that I will deliver once I have more than one client in the region. You can expect your package to arrive within 7 days. 

Do you have some ideas for shops in your neighbourhood? Let us know!