Cold tomato soup with mozzarella

On hot summer evening, we need a light dinner. Install you outside with a good book and eat this meal soup :)


- Italian Tomato Broth
- 200g cherry tomatoes
- Balsamico vinegar
- Handful of basil
- 1 Mozzarella 
- 2 old bread slices
- 1 very ripe tomato
- 2 garlic cloves



This is a cold recipe which means Brouillon is at it's best when you put it in your fridge a few hours before prepping this dinner. 

Heat the oven at 200 degrees. Cut the bread slices in 2 and do the same with your garlic cloves. Rub the garlic cloves with the cut side on the bread slices. Now, put your bread in the oven for about 7 minutes, it needs to be golden brown. Cut your ripe tomato into very thin pieces, almost like a mash. Add one garlic clove, some olive oil and pepper and salt. When the toasts come out of the oven, let them cool down and top them off with the tomato spread.

Make a marinated tomato salad by cutting the tomatoes in half, adding some balsamico vinegar, olive oile and pepper and salt. 

Assemble everything, starting by adding the tomato salad in your bowl, add Brouillon, mozzarella and top off with some extra olive oil. As sides, you have your toasts. 

Have a chilly willy evening!

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